The Bar Counter

8/5/2023, 3:27 pm

Just some minor updates this time around :)

I changed the drink of the day and added a button to the Melon project homepage.

Added a favicon to all the pages too since I always had it ready and just never put in that 1 line of code. Silly me!

I'm sleepy (´〜`*) zzzZZ

10/15/2022, 10:43 pm

I won't lie, I haven't really had a lot of motivation for this site in a long while.

It sucks to say but I'm going to change things around slightly one last time before throwing in the towel for now.

Now that isn't to say this is the end, we'll see how I feel in the future, but as it stands... do not expect any substantial new updates.

I think I'll at least put in a chat function so if people have questions they can drop by and I can actually respond.

Thank you to those who have viewed my site & an extreme thank you to those who have outright followed me.

You can really see my change in attitude just by looking at this blog alone, huh?

It has truly been a blast learning this stuff and posting about 1/3 of what I know here!

2/5/2022, 3:18 pm

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Honestly, I don't know where I went. Midterms ended, I worked on the site a little bit, and then... poof, disappeared! I accidentally burned myself out on the website, and it felt like I'd bitten off more than I could chew

However, I have still been making cocktails and doing all that jazz. I've been experimenting with things at home and at work, and trying to come up with different flavors that people might like. It might seem obvious, but I'm very partial to sweet and sour drinks, I'm not a huge fan of strong ones like the Old Fashioned, but I'm still trying to understand the merits of each drink so I can provide a decent starting point for people.

In the meantime, I'll be slowly working on categorizing the recipes tab. It won't be anything fancy, but it'll be enough to prevent years of scrolling LUL

Thank you guys for reading this, I appreciate you dropping by my corner of the web :>

10/19/2021, 8:23 pm

Well midterms are over, as is my burnout for the most part. I've been doing some minor updates and cleaning up even more code over the last few days, but I haven't really done a major update yet. That's something I plan to rectify tonight.

I have decided I'm gonna keep things as generalized as possible, when it comes to the recipes. Navigating a maze of links isn't fun for anyone, so best to keep things together under one big umbrella. I won't be stacking the recipe pages with dozens of recipes anyway, I wanna have a max of 8 per section at the MOST.

This is definitely an off topic thought, but I wonder if my page comes across as too pretentious? Maybe I need to make things a little more down to Earth. I dunno, I haven't heard anyone complain about that yet, but who knows? Maybe it does come across as uptight and snobby, and I just don't realize it? That's never been my intention.

Hopefully people realize that. I dunno though. All these timestamps and shit, who cares? Probably not you, if you're reading this.

10/12/2021, 3:50 am

Tonight's just a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. Cleaning up the code finally, moving things over to style.css to remove some stuff, moving images into their own folders, and of course beginning to set up the various cocktail pages. I'm gonna try to make it as intuitive as possible, I don't want people to have to navigate a maze of links, but there's some stuff that just overlaps. I'll think about how I wanna set that up a bit more in the coming weeks though

Midterms still aren't over though. My biology midterm started yesterday and is due Friday, but I should have it done by then. Provided I can get through the workloads on my other classes, I should be able to dedicate a bit more time to the site. I know I know, I keep saying that. Honestly, I'm not sure why I have this part of the site marked public. Maybe it's so other people can see my plans and get some insight into how a beginner HTML coder thinks. I'm not sure.

What I am sure of, however, is that I just use this as a rambling corner to get all my thoughts somewhere. It's been surprisingly helpful so far, I won't lie. Maybe a word document or changelog would've worked better, but I'm not a fan of formal stuff like that. I don't wanna be an adult, I wanna be myself!

10/3/2021, 7:57 pm

Hrm, it's been a few days since I last worked on the site. This can be chalked up to laziness, frankly. I got my workload done early every day, but simply couldn't find the motivation to even add a new recipe.

Found some motivation to do it today though. To be frank, I really should add multiply pages for recipes. My plan is to have one central page with its own navbar for different types of recipes. Sour, tropical, fruity, strong, manly, high class, etc

I'll hammer out the specifics later, as I only have 4 recipes listed at the moment. I have to start making lighter recipes too, things that take less ingredients to make. As good as things like the Freebooter's Merriment are, not everyone is going to be able to afford 8 fuckin ingredients for 1 cocktail. I'm really sorry about that, I should've considered it sooner. I feel like shit.

Either way, I've added that to the to-do list as well. See you all later

9/29/2021, 8:48 pm

Today's been exhausting. College transfers, testing new recipe ideas, changing my degree, and studying for 2 exams has left me with no time to work on the site today.

That's fine though, you have to pace yourself with this or else you'll get burned out. I'd hate to leave this page here, forgotten until I suddenly remember it 3 years later or something. If I ever leave this site, it'll be because I consider it "done," and that won't happen for a fairly long time.

Fortunately, I found time today to overhaul the credits section. And with that, the first presentable version of my site is done!

Tomorrow's a new day, though I suspect I won't have that much time to work on the site again, either. My 8 week sociology course will be starting soon, and the workload for that is quite large.

Ah well, I'm sure I'll be able to do stuff still, just not at the same pace I was before.

Catch you all on the flip side!

9/28/2021, 11:26 am

Welcome back to my rambling corner!

I think the overhaul is going well so far. Things are gradually looking like how I envisioned them from the start. It's strange to think it's only been 3 days, it feels like it's been 3 weeks at least.

I can't thank my friend Abishek enough for helping me out with this, he's done a magnificent job in teaching me how to use HTML and CSS.

Once my intended layout is complete and code is cleaned up, I plan to try my hand at making a drink randomizer for the homepage, I'll add more recipes, maybe I'll do a section covering various brands of liquor and what I think about them.

I'm nowhere near rich though, so if I do that it'll be extremely slow and only updated periodically. Maybe I'll start using my allowed 0.5 oz (or equivalent) of hard liquor every shift to taste test some liquors for the site.

I have direction now, though. I have some pretty clear plans and ideas here, I just need to learn enough to implement them. Additionally, I'd like to try making a guestbook some day, though finding resources for that has proven difficult.

There's also this very unique, layered double shot I've been looking to make, but every time I try making it, it ends up looking like apple juice (╥﹏╥). I need more practice, but when it's done I'll showcase it on the homepage!

9/27/2021, 11:15 am

Alright day 2!

I've got a lot planned for today but it'll mostly be behind the scenes stuff.

For example, I'm finally gonna get rid of the lists plaguing the alignment on the equipment and recipe pages.

Though I'll also be dividing things into more classes so I can easily use CSS styling for certain things.

Other than that, gonna sit down after all my studies today and spend a lot more time on the site!

I hope some folks at least find this little corner of the internet cool.

It's simple so far, but I hope to make it more flashy and totally righteous over time.

ok finally made my own button, even though there are more important things i should be doing.

im not too confident in it, but its serviceable for now.

now that it's animated i feel much better about it

9/26/2021, 11:18 pm

Wow! I'm finally making my own website! This is really cool!

I'm genuinely excited to start this project I've been looking at since I was about 16.

I really hope this goes well. I have a collective 6 hours of HTML experience so far, and I probably should've studied instead.

What's the point of life if you don't take a little time off to enjoy yourself though?

Anyways, I've had a lot of fun so far and I think I've learned a lot.


Learn how to make tables

Properly format the text

Make things easier to read

Add ml measurements to recipes in addition to oz

Add budget equipment options

Add some stuff to the homepage, idk what yet

Guestbook (won't happen for awhile, i feel) Added chat feature instead

Drink randomizer

Drink review section

Glassware section

Create images for the headers

Add subpages for cocktails, so people can find what they're looking for easily

Add proper css styling for the marquee tag CSS sucks lmao not gonna do this